Hall of Fame


The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) has long held a tradition of honoring Past Presidents as well as those members who have provided exceptional service to the organization with lifetime memberships. In 2007 the designation of Lifetime Member was changed to Member of the NENA Hall of Fame.


In keeping with this tradition, the North Carolina Chapter of NENA chose our twentieth anniversary celebration in 2008 for the inaugural induction of members into the Chapter Hall of Fame. This honor is bestowed to honor those who have performed outstanding service to the chapter over a period of years. Nominations for the NC NENA Hall of Fame are solicited from the membership annually during NC NENA awards solicitation prior to the annual conference. The Awards Committee appointed by the president reviews and votes on the nominees received from the membership. All NC NENA past presidents are inducted into the NC NENA Hall of Fame at the annual conference following their year as NC NENA President.


The people whose names you see have touched all of our lives, whether directly or through their legacy to NC NENA. Although several have moved on to retire, change careers or are no longer with us, we look to them for inspiration in continuing the journey to make 911 in North Carolina second to none.



Lisa Reid, ENP, President 2016-2017




Richard Batchelor, ENP, Service Award




Ronnie Barefoot, ENP, President 2014-2015




Jonathan Bledsoe, ENP, President 2013-2014




Angie Schulz, ENP, President 3/2012-8/2013




Hal Oakley, ENP, President 2010-2011




Kelly Palmer, ENP, President 2009-2010

 Wesley Reid, Service Award




Jerry Boggs, ENP, President 2008-2009





Tonya Pearce, ENP, President 2006-2008

Donna Wright, ENP, President, 2005-2006

Debby Hines, President, 2004-2005

Jason Barbour, ENP, President, 2003-2004

Philip Penny, ENP, President, 2002-2003

Mark Broadway, President, 2001-2002

Gwen Snowden, ENP, President, 2000-2001

Shirley Needham, President 1999-2000

Jimmie Jones, President 1998-1999

Dinah Jeffries, ENP, President, 1997-1998

Richard N. Taylor, ENP, President 1996-1997

Frank T. Thomason, ENP, President 1995-1996

Lisa K. Linker (Kovacs), ENP, President 1994-1995

Brenda K. Hewlett, ENP, President 1993-1994

Roy D. Meredith, President 1992-1993

James O. (Bo) Duncan, President 1991-1992

Bill Campbell, President 1990-1991

Larry L. Thomas, President 1989-1990

Ed Dow, President, 1988-1989


Jim Carr, Service Award

Jesse Creech, ENP, Service Award

Belinda Gurkins, ENP, Service Award

Bill Hans, Service Award

John Jones, Service Award

Annie McIntyre, Service Award

Craig Whittington, ENP, Service Award

Jimmy Maness, Service Award