Customer Service for Telecommunicators &
Overcoming Negativity in Emergency Services

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Welcome Elizabeth Poole Subject Expert

Elizabeth Poole has 22 years’ experience with Durham Emergency Communications Center, which is the primary PSAP for Durham County. DECC services a geographic area encompassing 296 miles and approximately 295,000 residents. We operate 17 positions and dispatch Police, Fire and EMS. Our 9-1-1 center holds an APCO Project 33 Certification, Emergency Medical Dispatch Accreditation and is accredited through CALEA. Ms. Poole began her career as a Telecommunicator and has since served as a Training Officer, 9-1-1 Recruiter and E9-1-1 Database Coordinator. She currently serves as the DECC Education and Training Coordinator. Ms. Poole’s extensive experience makes her uniquely qualified in the many facets of 9-1-1. She is passionate about sharing her experiences and strongly believes that each of us has a duty to share our knowledge with other 9-1-1 professionals.

Customer Service For Telecommunicators

Customer Service is more than saying “Yes sir, please and thank you.” This class was written from my perspective of reviewing calls for public records requests and going to court to authenticate our 911 calls for cases. I share what I have learned from speaking at community groups about 911 and what the public expects from 911. I share how often our agency gets public records requests for 911 calls. Most communicators do not realize how often citizens and attorneys request these types of records. It is not the usual customer service class. I help communicators to understand why it is imperative to do what is right consistently. My approach is not how to handle stressful calls. It is to understand how your actions represent you, your agency and the public's perception of 911. This class teaches communicators to think about their work as being a form of art. Artwork that is always available for public display. I share my 22 years of experience with this class and what I have learned over the years. My class is interactive and intriguing. Attendees will walk away with a positive outlook and refreshed thoughts about their career in 911.

Overcoming Negativity In Emergency Services

Do you find yourself getting frustrated with constant negativity in your Communications Center? Feeling like co-workers are not pulling their weight? Have you ever said “Administration has no idea how hard we work.”? What if your negativity could be changed to a positive? This instructor discusses the negative feelings felt from those working the phones and radio as well as from the administrative side. We will look at the power of owning negativity and overcoming it while finding a balance with getting the job done, and moving past uncomfortable situations or interactions. After this class, you just might find there is no longer a need for “pointing fingers” at others for creating negativity in your work place.

When: June 16th, 2017, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Where: Hickory Police Department, 347 2nd Avenue SW, Hickory, NC 28602

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Information: Brian Drum

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